Golden Retriever puppy receives braces after a trip to the ‘doggie dentist’

SPRING LAKE, Mich. — A Golden Retriever puppy received some shiny new braces and he’s still smiling despite the new mouth addition.

Veterinarian Dr. James Moore, known as the “doggie dentist,” puts braces on dogs. Yup, but it’s not for aesthetic purposes, Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Spring Lake, Michigan wrote on Facebook. Canines need their teeth fixed for health purposes.

“This is Wesley and he needed tooth alignment because he could not close his mouth completely, otherwise,” The animal hospital wrote on Facebook last Friday.

Wesley only needs the braces for a few weeks, but he doesn’t seem to mind them. The hospital posted two pictures of the pup, with one showing him gleefully smiling.

“It obviously doesn’t bother him one little bit (if you look at the “after” photo). He’s a happy little guy,” the post said.

Harborfront Hospital for Animals posted the picture to celebrate National Pet Dental Health in February.

The post has received more than 283,000 reactions on Facebook and shared 288,293 times as of Tuesday.

Dr. Moore, owner of Veterinary Dental Solutions, also does other dental work for pets such as root canals and oral surgery.

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