Paida Lajin- Self healing techniques from China

Paida Lajin is an ancient self healing technique from China. It is based on very sound principles. Master Xiao Hong Chi is popularising it all over the world, just like how Baba Ramdev progated Yoga and Pranayama many years back.
Modern medicine is of value in dealing with health emergency and acute problems, BUT countless people all over the world have been disillusioned with it for chronic ailments. Added to this is the fraud committed by global pharma companies and private hospitals..

Very Important NOTE: Many readers have confusion, how much to slap ? It is not necessary to beat BLACK and BLUE as advised by Master Xiao, you can get all the benefits just by slapping enough so that area gets some REDNESS, that would give you instant benefits, try and see it for yourself.

Master Hong Chi Xiao was invited to India by Diabetes specialist Dr CV Krishnaswami ( Diabetic Research Center, Chennai) to teach these methods to diabetic patients. In study of 3000 patients, it has been seen that paida lajin has benefits for diabetic patients…You can see the conclusion below in graphic, to read full report and see data

courtesy: Health Mantra


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