Power of Meditation.

Learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life (read all benefits at end of this page). WHY- because with few minutes of meditation every day you can enhance your success, enjoy better health and happiness. What are you waiting for ? Start TODAY.

Meditation tames your mind and gives you better vision of LIFE, thats how it makes you better and joyful. To give an example there is a gold coin at bottom of a pool, you can not see it because of waves/ thoughts (MIND). When there are no waves you can see the gold coin. So with meditation your mind starts getting clarity.

Breath is the bridge between your body and life force. If you can watch your breath by witnessing it, your MIND will gradually become quiet.

Sit comfortably and watch your breath go IN and go OUT. If you find your Mind wandering you can COUNT 1-2-3-4 etc with inward and outward breath.

The time usually suggested for beginners is 10 minutes at Dawn or Dusk. Increase this duration to 20-30 minutes as you practice. The proof of a pudding lies in the eating, Your life should gradually change for the better and then you will know its worth. Then, slowly other DOORs will start opening or may be you will get your GURU.

Another property of MIND is it wants to always jump from One point to another, if you can keep your MIND on ONE single object/thought for the whole day, MIND will eventually get tired and give up and you will experience True Self.

You must also practice self enquiry, ask yourself who AM I, ask HONESTLY and you will start to get the answer. Contemplate on this “WHO AM I”

Are you the BODY? then how you can see it, Are you MIND then how can you watch your thoughts?

Once you learn to direct ALL your senses and MIND inward, YOU will get in touch with your true SELF, you will then realise the nature and mechanisms of this WORLD. GOD will then become CENTRAL thing in your life and everything else will NOT affect you.

At the start meditation needs effort, after lot of practice effort should also wayne off and you will be able to experince self. At the start you use one of serveral methods that suits you (and will help you mind remain stable). Visualise a deity, or a sound (as IN TM) or look at candle flame etc etc

Meditation is NOT repression of MIND, Meditation will happen when you have seen ALL and realised the futility of all, at this stage meditation will be natural and happen easily. If you ask ONE word which is most important for success of meditation, it is WITNESSING and understanding about WHO is witnessing ?

Meditation is the living of HERE and NOW; it is a tremendous experience with limitless power, which can change your life completely and can give a new

course to your destiny. Meditation is a superior state of consciousness and therefore cannot be fully understood unless experienced.
“The equality and oneness of the Essential Self (Atman) and the Cosmic Self (Param atma) is called Samadhi, to describe which is beyond the power of speech, being known by self-experience alone.”

And AGAIN- What is Meditation

Difficulties people meet in their lives are in essence because faulty orientation of their minds toward themselves. Meditation is a method to remedy the faulty orientation of a human mind. Duality is the very nature of this existance. If one keeps oneself in the middle between two positions, one can’t find words, emotions and deeds anymore to defend whatever. One finds oneself as it were in a no man’s land characterized by relaxation, silence and insight (= light). To keep to this middle and the ensuing equanimity is meditation. You cannot say ‘I love’, you cannot say ‘I hate’. You simply cannot say anything, you are simply in the middle. You are not identified, at that point transcendence happens. If meditation is happening right way then it should lead to End of Duality. If that is the direction then you know you are on the right path.

There are thousands of methods of meditation. There is a suitable meditation for everybody. What really matters is that people interested in meditation choose a method fitting their nature, that is to say in accordance with their particular situation. If someone is for example visually capable then meditations involving visualisation should be taken into account. Someone whose sense of hearing is more pronounced should perhaps rather opt in favour of meditations with sound. It’s good to experiment with different meditations for a while until one has found the one that suits one best, but from then better stick to this one method, that would lead you to your Goal.

Meditation in Short spell or a state all the time ?

Meditation in the midst of activity is immeasurably superior to the quietistic approach. This kind of meditation really produces significant inner transformation and enlightenment. Of course, meditating in the midst of distractions is initially much more difficult — with fewer short-term rewards — than sitting quietly alone. However, if you want to make the heightened awareness of meditation a part of your life, then you must meditate in daily life continuously, you must remain inwardly in meditation no matter what you do outwardly.

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God Bless you

Benefits of meditation (Who would not like to get)

Scientific studies have shown meditation to:
1. Enhances mental balance, and happiness;
2. Increase ability to have compassion;
3. Improved attention;
4. Decrease or eliminate anxiety and high-strung reactions;
5. Greatly improve personal relations;
6. Initiate emotional balance;
7. Strengthen immune system;
8. Stimulate creativity and problem solving;
9. Improve memory and learning;
10.Lower high blood pressure and overcome addictions;
11. Help with post-traumatic stress disorder;
12. Improves sleep

Spiritual benefits

Starts unfolding the very nature of life/existence, which leads to greater understanding of life and which in turn makes life/every moment worth living in a enjoyable way. You get rid of all unwanted fears/attachments and desires when the truth dawns on you through meditation.

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