Swiss company releases world’s first tooth whitening snow

TEUFEN, Switzerland: Zahnschnee Instant Whitening (tooth snow) is Swiss brand megasmile’s latest novelty. The product is the successor to the company’s Zahnschnee, an alternative to conventional toothpaste that can be sprayed into the mouth and used without water or a toothbrush. The new foam product whitens the teeth immediately.

The effect is achieved in three ways. An active whitening agent removes tooth discoloration gradually. At the same time, microstructures made of high-purity hydroxyapatite fill the smallest defects on the tooth surfaces, smoothing them noticeably. Finally, a bluish filter builds up on the teeth, reflecting light and thereby emphasising the natural white colour of the teeth.

“This does not damage the teeth because megasmile Zahnschnee Instant Whitening contains no abrasive particles. We achieve the whitening effect gently and protect the teeth from caries too,” explained megasmile founder Dr Roland Zettel, who is the developer of the successful megasmile Black Whitening series.

“The tooth snow is a hybrid between a toothpaste and a mouthwash. It is suitable as a toothpaste for daily use, but also as an oral spray. It is therefore the ideal cosmetic accessory for people on the go. The repair and whitening effect is immediately noticeable,” Zettel said.

The product was developed and manufactured in Switzerland. In collaboration with a Swiss laboratory, Zettel and his team worked on the ingredient composition for two years. The packaging was designed in collaboration with Zurich product design company AIM studio. Megasmile has already won six international awards for its innovative product design.

The instant whitening tooth snow, which is recommended for persons older than 12, will be available from mid-November at the recommended retail price of €16.90 for 50 ml from selected suppliers of dental care and beauty products, as well as from the online shop at

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