What’s App Brush: Bluetooth Beam Toothbrush for Oral Gaming

The daily grind of brushing your teeth just got game, as the app connected Beam Brush allows you to challenge your family and friends to a daily brush off. Utilizing a Bluetooth sensor, the brush sends data about your brushing habits to the app (available on Android and iPhone) and uploads info on brushing length and frequency.

This information is then mapped in a handy chart so you can compare your progress to your family and see where you need to improve. If your phone is with you when you start to brush you can opt for a musical 2 minute timer to encourage you to keep going- and this service is free.

Once you’ve purchased the initial brush, there are no further costs, apart from replacement heads, which are $3.99. Powered by an AA battery, the brush will last around 90, and there are plans for development of an electric model at some point in the future.

Users also have the option to send their data to their dentist ahead of cleanings so oral care habits can be considered in treatment planning. The app displays a timer with the ability to play music for 2 minutes through the app while brushing. It will even tell you when it’s time to replace the brush head and send it to you automatically! By using the Beam Goals feature, users will achieve brushing milestones that result in real-world rewards.

Where this gets really exciting is the potential for real time rewards for brushing well, as the company is in talk with dental insurance plans to enable users to get discounts for brushing efficiency. The app can be authorized to send dentists reports on your brushing which can then be used for insurers to potentially give you lower premiums. Nothing is confirmed so far, but they say they are talking to two major providers, and this will really incentivize people to brush well.

It comes in two colors- pink and blue, and 2 sizes, adults and kids.

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